How to Make Duct Tape Bows

Duct tape bows – The interesting piece of craft that can bring out the artistic talent in you. When you are planning a girl’s time together, try making these excellent and cute looking bows which can be made in different designs and patterns to make it look interesting. Find some cool duct tapes with unusual prints and colors to make sure your bows are interesting and funky at the same time, decorate your hair, your handbags, and wallets or attach it to your hair band to create a girly look. What’s more fun than having something to flaunt which your own fingers created. Learn some unique ways of How to Make Duct Tape Bows to have an interesting collection.

Bows with colorful borders:

a) Take two duct tapes of contrasting shades say, red and yellow and cut thick pieces of any color that you wish to have as a major part.

b) Now stick the adhesive sides together to make a bow and cut along the edges to make it look even.

c) Now for the border, cut thin pieces of the other shade of duct tape and stick the edges on either side to look like a border.

How to Make Duct Tape Bows

d) Fold it like a fan of three to four pleats and hold in the middle.

e) Create a thick strip of the band in the same shade of the border and wrap it in the middle to complete the look.

f) Attach a clip or Bobby pin to secure it.

Bows with polka dots:

This is an interesting bow that features a solid base color with contrasting dots which makes it an interesting choice.

How to Make Duct Tape Bows:

a) Take a pink and white colored duct tapes and cut a long strip of the pink duct tape and fold it in to two.

b) Cut the duct tapes in to two pieces of 3 inch and stick them both together and place it on a table.

c) Now take a punching machine and punch lots of homes in the pink duct tape and collect the dots.

d) Now with strong glue, apply it on each of these pink dots and stick them over the white duct tape piece. Always remember to finish your decoration before you make a bow as only then the dots will stay on the duct tape.

e) Now allow it to dry for few minutes.

f) Then fold the bow in to three folds to create a bow design and secure its mid part with a pink band of duct tape.

g) Now this super cute duct tape bow is ready to use.

Multi design bows:

Take two duct tapes of contrast shades and have a stencil with small designs such as heart shape, diamonds, Mickey mouse or teddy bear designs. Now cut a long strip of a duct tape in which you want to create designs and place the stencil on it and draw its outline with a pen. Now cut these designs taking care to retain the shape. Though it’s a bit of time consuming process, you will enjoy your fruits of labor later. Cut long strips of the duct tape in another shade and then fold in two and stick the sides leaving a bit of the sticky side on one end. Then fold the strips into a circular shape and connect the two ends by sticking to the adhesive end with it. This will look like bangle now. Now slightly press the circle so that the strip you stuck comes in the middle. Flip over to let the other side face you and proceed to stick on the designs. Now make sure that you stick these designs in different patterns so that the same designs are not stuck together. After you finish sticking the designs, make sure that you leave it aside for 20 minutes to dry. Now take the bow in your hands and just pinch the middle with two fingers and take care that no ends are sticking out. Now cut a thin strip of the duct tape of the design shade and wrap it carefully so that it engulfs the mid part well. Roll the strip well to make sure there is a bit of a gap in it. Now introduce a headband in the middle bit and make the bow to be on the side of the headband.